About Us

Company Profile.

Joygroup had established in Shang Hai since 1992 , specialized in Decorative paper , finished foils & Egde Banding , Our factories are separated in Zhen jiang (china), and Viet nam.

We can print paper width from 3 feet to 7 feet. Foil paper are available in all –basis-weight, from 30g to 60g, finished foils & edge banding are available with the basic thickness 0.10mm to 1mm . All materials are imported from Japan & Germany.

We offer several kinds of paper products for different using with many different top coatings, such as AMC ,PU, SPU , PUS ,SPU , MB, 3DMB, JP ,JPS… foils with any décor with various embossing and top coating surface . Both decor papers & finished foils are used in many ways, specially for flat laminating process , widely used for home and office furniture, wall paneling, kitchen cabinet, speaker case, wardrobe and so on ..

Customers from wood-working and furniture industries can choose between paper and pvc finished surface – all of which can be created as wood , stone , solid color or fantasy designs.

Using our many years of technical and design expertise, we create innovative products that excel from start to finish which can be perfectly matched in other surface system including melamine, verneers made of wood.

We owned over 1000 sets different woodgrain design now, and more than 50 new decors are created in this process each year .These can be produced in a range of different colour variations, surface effects through super matt designs, 3D synchronized, soft touch and high gloss, super anti-scratch surface and so on.

When developing a surface , we focus. We have thrilled customers with high quality products.

Our customers are all around the world. In European, Middle-East, South-East Asia and America , all have our long term customers. We are also the supplier of NITORI, IKEA OEM factory in Vietnam , Malaysia , Thailand, Indonesia & China.

Joy Group always focused on primarily on current market demands and tailor décor production precisely to individual customer requirements, coupled with the flow of international trends. In order to satisfy our customer , we take seriously in every production stage to keep quality in the high level. Like group main thinking “ there is no best quality, the only way is better and better each time, Ideas become Reality – inspired by nature’’